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Natalie McKail appointed as chair of FSCSR Working Groups

Natalie McKail Appointed As Chair Of FSCSR Working Groups

The Inspector of Funeral Directors in Scotland, Natalie McKail, has been appointed by the Steering Committee as the Chair of both Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review (FSCSR) working groups – bringing her unparalleled experience in scrutinising the work of the profession in Scotland to support the work of the industry-wide, independently-chaired project that brings together the skills and knowledge of industry experts and key stakeholders with a view to improving quality, standards and outcomes for funeral service consumers.

The Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review was initiated to assess how standards and quality of service are inspected and reviewed are develop joint solutions to discuss tackling these issues, make clear recommendations to Government and produce at an agreed code of practice, approach to inspections, and approach to how pricing information is made available to the public.

The creation of the group was referenced in the Competition and Markets Authority’s final report, recommending a market investigation.

The two working groups are scheduled to meet across the summer to review industry standards, inspections and how pricing and service information is communicated to consumers.