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Consumer champions invited to be part of FSCSR stakeholder reference group

Consumer Champions Invited To Be Part Of FSCSR Stakeholder Reference Group

Invitations will be going out across the first half of August to leaders of a range of respected consumer organisations and other industry experts, inviting them to become part of the FSCSR Stakeholder Reference Group which will provide vital oversight of the work of the Review.

Agreeing a common set of standards right across the sector – and testing these successfully against the views of respected consumer bodies – will be key to the success of the project.

Independent chair Lewis Shand Smith said: “This is an essential and ambitious undertaking and will complement the Competition and Markets Authority’s market investigation into the sector as our work covers different aspects of the industry. The FSCSR and the CMA are already cooperating with each other on our different remits so that we can achieve the best possible outcomes for consumers.

“The success of this project will be measured through its ability to secure the participation of, and agreement, from the funeral profession, consumer groups and other key stakeholders and so we are seeing to create a diverse stakeholder reference group that will inform, guide and underpin our work.”

The Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review (FSCSR) is an independently-chaired project that brings together the skills and knowledge of industry experts and key stakeholders with a view to improving quality, standards and outcomes for funeral service consumers. The FSCSR was initiated to assess how standards and quality of service are inspected and reviewed and to develop joint solutions to existing issues, make clear recommendations to Government and produce at an agreed code of practice and approach to how pricing information is made available to the public.