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Working Group B scheduled to meet in September

Working Group B Scheduled To Meet In September

FSCSR Working Group B is set to meet on 2 September 2019 to consider how transparency of both pricing information and service quality can be improved, to ensure it is clear, consistent and accessible for bereaved consumers. 

The purpose of Working Group B is to recommend practical steps funeral service providers can take to improve consumers’ ability to usefully compare services offered by different providers. In particular, the group will consider how transparency in relation to services offered, the standard of those services and pricing could be improved.

Chaired by Natalie McKail, membership of the group includes representatives from funeral firms large and small, representatives from consumer organisations and experts in regulatory matters.

Working Group B is one of two working groups created by the Steering Committee of the Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review (FSCSR) – an independently-chaired project that brings together the skills and knowledge of industry experts and key stakeholders with a view to improving quality, standards and outcomes for funeral service consumers.

The FSCSR was initiated to assess how standards and quality of service are inspected and reviewed and to develop joint solutions to existing issues, make clear recommendations to Government and produce at an agreed code of practice and approach to how pricing information is made available to the public. The creation of the group was referenced in the Competition and Markets Authority’s final report, recommending a market investigation.