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Call to non-trade association affiliated funeral directors to share their views

Call To Non-trade Association Affiliated Funeral Directors To Share Their Views

The FSCSR (Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review), brings together the skills and knowledge of industry experts and key stakeholders with a view to improving quality, standards and outcomes for funeral service consumers.

The NAFD and SAIF are actively involved in the review and a wide range of stakeholders have been encouraged to participate.  There are also two independent funeral directors who have been invited to contribute to working groups and the steering committee.

If you are a member of SAIF or NAFD, then they have a seat at the table to represent your views – but we really want to make sure that non-trade association affiliated funeral directors also have the opportunity to express their thoughts.

So, if you are a funeral director who is not a member of a trade association and would like to contribute your views on how to improve funeral care (or express your specific concerns about current standards, or possible regulation in the industry), then please get in touch with by Friday 30 August.

A wider consultation will follow in due course and you can keep updated on the project progression via this website  or you may want to follow us on Twitter – @FSCSReview.

Lewis Shand Smith