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FSCSR publishes consultation response overview

FSCSR Publishes Consultation Response Overview

The FSCSR has today published a document, summarising some of the key feedback received in response to its consultation paper on Standards and Regulation.

Respondents overwhelmingly supported the FSCSR proposal to recommend that an independent body be set up to regulate the funeral directing profession.

There was also broad support for such regulation to be mandatory, risk-based and outcomes focussed, although some respondents felt that a more prescriptive set of requirements would be appropriate in relation to ‘back of house’ and ‘care of the deceased’ elements of a funeral director’s facilities and role.

There was also strong support for the suggestion that information about every business’s compliance with regulatory standards should be published.

The suggestion that an interim regulator should be set up by industry bodies until such a time that a statutory regulator is created received cautious support from most of those who responded to this question. However, the clear message was that this interim step should be strictly time limited.  A significant minority strongly disagreed and felt that setting up an interim regulator could be counter-productive.

FSCSR Chair, Lewis Shand Smith said:

“The draft proposals, set out in the two FSCSR consultation papers, are the product of a great deal of valuable time, effort and expertise from a wide range of organisations and stakeholders who would not normally have the opportunity to work so closely together.

I am so very grateful to the organisations and individuals who responded to the consultation. It is not clear that such an opportunity will arise again in the near future and so we will do all we can to extract value from this work.”

A redacted version of the full report can be accessed here.

Some respondents consented to their responses being published in full. These will be made available shortly.